Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Artists of Casa Italia 2012

Each year several artists of Italian-American heritage come together to hold an art exhibition at Casa Italia in Stone Park, Il. These artists include internationally known individuals to those just starting to make a name for themselves within the artistic community. This video features the works of many of these artists as well as the exhibition recently held at Casa Italia.I'm proud to be a member of this extraordinary group of individuals. Enjoy! DM

What is Convergence Insufficiency?

What is Convergence Insufficiency?

Convergence Insufficiency is a common eye teaming problem in children and adults.  When we are asked to read our eyes have to turn in, in order to take in a single image. Someone that has Convergence Insufficiency has to strain their eyes in order to achieve this. As a result he or she may experience headaches, avoid doing near work, have a short attention span, double vision, blurry vision, frequent loss of place, etc....

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Facts About Adderall Abuse

Facts About Adderall Abuse

College students are twice as likely to abuse Adderall

Fifteen percent of college students have illegally ingested Adderall, Ritalin, or another stimulant in the past year

Adderall is habit-forming

Overdoses could lead to heart failure

Overdoses can also alter brain chemistry permanently

Adderall abuse is most common during midterm and finals weeks

Some students take it recreationally....

 Comments: Read about all these potential complications associated with Adderall and more including links to additional information by clicking on the title above. Also please note that binocular vision problems are not only more frequently encountered within those with ADD/ADHD, but that these vision problems, if undiagnosed, can lead to others falsely diagnosed as having attentional issues when, in fact, they do not. Always have all children suspected of having ADD/ADHD fully assessed by a developmental optometrist to rule out eye and vision problems.

See:Granet DB, Gomi CF, Ventura R, Miller-Scholte A.The relationship between convergence insufficiency and ADHD.Strabismus. 2005 Dec;13(4):163-8. 

They report a three-fold greater incidence of ADHD among patients with Convergence Insufficiency (CI) when compared with the incidence of ADHD in the general US population (1.8-3.3%). They also note a  three-fold greater incidence of CI in the ADHD population. 

To find optometrists who can help go to the College of Optometrists in Vision DevelopmentOptometric Extension Program Foundation, and/or the American Optometric Association locate a doctor websites. DM








Monday, August 6, 2012

Artists of Casa Italia Exhibition

 The Artists of Casa Italia will have a grand opening of their exhibition this Friday, August 10th at 7PM in the
Chandelier Room 

The artists include: 

Horacio BaggioDonald Bono, Lorraine Caposieno, Vincent Coppola, Velda Davino, Federico di Nuzzo, Sal Falco, Marianne Folise, Farid Griyech, Claudia Hallissey, Giovanna Hopkins, Natalie Rose Ledet, Dominick M. Maino, Laura Marie Panozzo, Robert M. Proce, Vince Romano, Gesualdo Romeo and more!

This program is free to the public and features internationally known artists, as well as those new upon the art scene.

Come for the art, sip the wine and enjoy a visually sensual experience....

Call 708-345-5933 for more information.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is Autism an “Epidemic” or Are We Just Noticing More People Who Have It?

Is Autism an “Epidemic” or Are We Just Noticing More People Who Have It?

...In March the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the newly measured autism prevalences for 8-year-olds in the United States, and headlines roared about a “1 in 88 autism epidemic.” The fear-mongering has led some enterprising folk to latch onto our nation’s growing chemophobia and link the rise in autism to “toxins” or other alleged insults, and some to sell their research, books, and “cures.” On the other hand, some researchers say that what we’re really seeing is likely the upshot of more awareness about autism and ever-shifting diagnostic categories and criteria....

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1-Year-olds At Risk For Autism May Be Identified By Questionnaire Completed By Parents

1-Year-olds At Risk For Autism May Be Identified By Questionnaire Completed By Parents

 ....A new study by University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers found that 31 percent of children identified as at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at 12 months received a confirmed diagnosis of ASD by age 3 years.....