Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wright Camera Club to Exhibit Photography & Present Free Programs

I know this doesn't have much to do with children and eye research...but hey, even eye docs can have their artistic side! If you are in the Chicago-land area please join us...DM

The Wright Camera Club meets on the first Monday of the month at the St. Bartholomew Church Parish Center for photography competitions and special programs to improve the individual's skill as a photographer. On Sunday, October 5th, club members will sponsor a Photography Exhibition in the St. Bart's Hospitality Room after the 9:30 and 11:30 AM Masses. Please come down after each Mass to view the outstanding works of art, have a cup of coffee and to learn more about the Wright Camera Club.

On Monday. October 6th the Wright Camera Club will teach you how to use Photoshop to make your pictures better and better. This program is given by Mark Southard, an award winning internationally recognized photographer who is a Master Teacher of Photoshop and similar digital software. Bring your digital photos and laptops if you can. We will teach you how to use them to make all your pictures works of art!

Place the following on your calendar today!

Who: Wright Camera Club (
When: Sunday October 5th after the 9:30 & 11:30 AM Masses
What: Photography Exhibition
Where: St. Bartholomew Church Hospitality Room
4990 W. Addison
Chicago, Il
Cost: FREE (with coffee and eats too!)

When: Monday October 6th 7:30 PM
What: How to Enhance Your Digital Photos with Photoshop
Where: St. Bartholomew Parish Community Center
4950 W. Addison
Chicago, Il
Cost: Free (with a few eatables included)
Bring your digital photos on a CD. Bring your laptop computers. All are welcome. High School Age or Older.

Questions? Ask St. Bart's Parishioner, Dominick Maino
[email protected] or call 312-949-7282 and leave a message that you are coming.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sports-related eye injuries leading cause of blindness in school-age children

From AOA First Look:

In continuing coverage from previous editions of First Look, HealthDay (9/20, McKeever) reported that "sports-related eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in school-age children." Hugh R. Parry, president and CEO of Prevent Blindness America, stated, "We already know that 72 percent of all sports-related eye injuries are to those aged 25 and younger. Yet, only 15 percent of children wear eye protection." Currently, emergency departments in the U.S. "treat a sports-related eye injury every 13 minutes." Statistics from the National Eye Institute indicate that "baseball causes the greatest number of sports-related eye injuries in children aged 14 and younger...while basketball is the leading cause of eye injuries in those aged 15 to 24." Experts maintain that "90 percent of all sports-related eye injuries can be prevented with the proper eye protection," and recommend wearing "lenses made of polycarbonate that carry the American Society of Testing Materials label."

Group says companies can do more to promote eye safety in the workplace. Canada's
Province (9/21) reported that, according to optometrists in British Columbia, "companies can do more to promote eye safety in the workplace." In 2007 alone, "1,882 eye-injury claims were accepted by WorkSafeB.C. for either short-term or long-term benefits. While the number of eye injuries remains mostly unchanged since 2006, the number of workdays lost due to injury has increased significantly from 17,319 in 2006 to 18,020 in 2007," the British Columbia Association of Optometrists says. The group recommends that workers "be aware of eye hazards," and "wear appropriate" and properly fitting safety eyewear. Workers should also keep their "safety glasses on at all times," refrain from wearing contact lenses on dusty job sites, and "take a 10-minute break from the computer screen to do something else every two hours."

National eye care program for infants

...But, InfantSEE, [is] a national eyecare program for infants .... The program, implemented members of the American Optometric Association in partnership with The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, and endorsed by former president Jimmy Carter, is available free of charge to all children ages 6- to 12-months....

Comments: The AOA's InfantSee program is dedicated to eliminating any and all eye and vision problems that could affect your child's ability to be the best he/she can be. If you have a 6-12 mo old....go to http://www.infantsee.org today for more information and the name of a doctor who is a participant in this incredible program. DM

Can Poor Vision Cause Behavioral Problems Or Learning Disabilities?

... If your child is struggles in school poor vision may be to blame...

Comments: NBC TV story about eye problems and learning in school. DM

MainosMemos Blogger Photo Exhibit

I will be exhibiting several of my photographs at Chicago's Cook County Treasurer's Office from Sept 23rd thru Oct 27th as a part of a larger exhibition of works of art by Chicago's best Italian American Artists....see press release below and drop by if you can!

For Immediate Release:

The Cultural Center of the Casa Italia is proud to announce that more than 20 Italian-American artists including painters, sculptors and photographers will exhibit many of their works at the Cook County Treasurer's Office during normal business hours from Sept 23 thru Oct 27th, 2008. Among the artists displaying their works are noted designer John Bucci; filmmaker-painter Tom Palazzolo; painters Julia Oemke, Nuccia Lucini, Anthony Panzica, Anna Pagnucci, John Bertucci, Claudia Pontarelli-Hallissey, Leemarie Gaimari Bonk, Nick Benero, Rita Dianni Kaleel and Horacio Baggio' sculptors Joseph Burlini and Robert Buono' and photographer Dominick M. Maino. The art show is free and open to the public. The office is located at 118 N. Clark St., Suite 112 Chicago, IL 60602

Casa Italia is the home of Italian Cultural in the Chicago-land area. Its mission is to provide a common address for all of the Italian-American organizations within the Chicago-land community. It is a place where Italians and those interested in Italian-American history and culture meet to pursue common goals, preserve the past, celebrate our heritage and ensure passage of Italian values to future generations.

Casa Italia libraries and museums have books, exhibits, archives and classes devoted to Italian language, art, history, music, travel, genealogy, cuisine and folk traditions. It has a Community Center filled with social and recreational activities for young and old alike. It offers a chapel busy with prayer groups, retreats, wedding anniversaries and memorial masses and a Banquet Center. Casa Italia's Festival Center is alive with picnics, religious and cultural events, concerts, films and performances. Casa Italia a place that the entire Chicago-area Italian-American community can call home.

For additional information about the art exhibition contact Dominick Canderolo at [email protected]. For information concerning Casa Italia go to http://www.casaitaliachicago.net/index.html or contact the Casa Italia main office at 3800 Division Street Stone Park, IL 60165 Tel. 708.345.5933

Sunday, September 21, 2008


From Infectious Diseases in Children...“The measles outbreaks in Illinois and Washington [state] demonstrate that measles remain a risk for unvaccinated people and those who come in contact with them,” the CDC officials noted in the report. “Each school year, parents should ensure that their children’s vaccinations are current, regardless of whether the children are returning to school, attending day care or being schooled at home.”...Unvaccinated children accounted for most of the cases, emphasizing that measles outbreaks can still occur in communities if there are high numbers of unvaccinated individuals. Ninety-one percent of the 133 patients with measles were unvaccinated or did not know their vaccination status, and 80% were aged younger than 20 years. Among unvaccinated individuals, 66% stated philosophical or religious beliefs as the reason for their vaccination status.

Comments: To all parents and doctors...if you do not have your children/patients vaccinated you risk a recurrence of measles. My dad lost a sister to this disease a generation ago....do we want to go back to those dark times? Have your children vaccinated. DM

Schools, childcare facilities lack adequate policies for food allergies

From Infectious Diseases in Children...“Every food-allergic patient who is attending a school or childcare facility should unequivocally have a self-injectable epinephrine device at school with them, and they should be sent to school with a very clearly written allergy action plan,” Matthew Greenhawt, MD, previously a fellow in the division of allergy and clinical immunology at the University of Michigan Health System and currently an associate at the Allergy & Asthma Center LLC in Atlanta, told Infectious Diseases in Children. “As physicians, we can certainly write letters that explain the rationale behind the treatment and … make sure that parents know how to use the device so they can also teach others.”...