Saturday, July 30, 2011

Examining special populations Part 4: Additional examination techniques

Part 4 in a series of articles by my colleagues Stephanie Rowe OD, Marc B. Taub OD, FAAO
and Mary Bartuccio OD, FAAO. Click on the title for the full text/pdf of this article. DM

Friday, July 29, 2011

Memories May Skew Visual Perception

This study demonstrates that holding the memory of a visual event in our mind for a short period of time that it can ‘contaminate’ visual perception during the time that we’re remembering and alter our responses and behaviors when we drive or perform other tasks. Read more about it by clicking here or by clicking on the title above. DM

American Optometric Association Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

It shall be the ideal, resolve, and duty of all optometrists:

TO KEEP their patients' eye, vision, and general health paramount at all times;
TO RESPECT the rights and dignity of patients regarding their health care decisions;
TO ADVISE their patients whenever consultation with, or referral to another optometrist or other health professional is appropriate;
TO ENSURE confidentiality and privacy of patients' protected health and other personal information;
TO STRIVE to ensure that all persons have access to eye, vision, and general health care;
TO ADVANCE their professional knowledge and proficiency to maintain and expand competence to benefit their patients;
TO MAINTAIN their practices in accordance with professional health care standards;
TO PROMOTE ethical and cordial relationships with all members of the health care community;
TO RECOGNIZE their obligation to protect the health and welfare of society; and
TO CONDUCT themselves as exemplary citizens and professionals with honesty, integrity, fairness, kindness and compassion

Thursday, July 28, 2011

3D & the Vision Performance Institute

My colleague and friend, Dr. Jim Sheedy at the Pacific University College of Optometry and the Vision Performance Institute has a weatlth of information about 3D content viewing and will soon have a vision clinic dedicated to those who have problems while watching 3D movies, 3D television, playing 3D video games and learning in the 3D classroom. If you live in Oregon and have problems, please go see Dr. Sheedy at the Vision Performance Institute. If you are in the Chicago-land area, come and see me (Illinois Eye Institute or Northwest Optometric Associates) find docs all over the country to help go to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Optometric Extension Program Foundation and/or the American Optometric Association websites.

Examining special populations

To read this article by my colleagues, Marc B. Taub OD, FAAO, Stephanie Rowe OD
and Mary Bartuccio OD, FAAO just click on the title above. DM

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mass. Pharmacy readies Worcester optometry school

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences announced yesterday that it has hired a leader and found a home for its new school of optometry. ...Dr. Lesley Walls, who is coming to Worcester from the Southern California College of Optometry, will be the founding dean of the program. ...Dr. Kent Daum, from the Illinois College of Optometry, will be vice dean. ...The school will be at the college’s Lincoln Square Living and Learning Center, the former Crowne Plaza Hotel, which the college purchased in 2010. Capital improvements for the school of optometry will include an on-site optometry clinic, research space, administrative offices, faculty and staff offices, and an optical dispensary. The Lincoln Square center houses 200 students. ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Journal from PubMed

The following new journal from the Korean Society of Medical Informatics has been added to PubMed Central.

Healthcare Informatics Research
ISSN: 2093-3681 (print) 2093-369X (electronic)

Archive includes volume 16 (2010) to volume 17(2011)

Note: There is no embargo delay for this journal

AOA’s 3-D partnerships highlight public health, awareness of need for eye care

The AOA’s campaign to ensure that a public health message is part of the hoopla over 3-D has resulted in hundreds of stories in the media and has helped the association build partnerships with people in the information technology, filmmaking and entertainment industries.

The campaign continues AOA’s 3-D education effort from last spring, tied to the release of the 3-D movie “Avatar,” which broke all box office records. The campaign included Dominick Maino, O.D., discussing binocular vision and stereopsis.

After Nintendo issued a warning to consumers that children under 6 should not use its about-to-be-released 3DS handheld gaming device, the AOA and members of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) said, in essence, “not so fast.”....

Comments: Did you miss this when it first came out? Read more by clicking the title above. DM

Monday, July 25, 2011

Refractory Complex Partial Seizures, Infantile Spasms, Sabril and Vision Loss

If you work with adult patients with refractory complex partial seizures or infants with infantile spasms in which no other treatments appear to be working, your patients may be taking Sabril (vigabatrin). It has been documented that this drug routinely causes permanent bilateral concentric visual field constriction in a high percentage of patients, and in some cases may also reduce visual acuity. Please go to for additional information. DM

Sports Medicine: Concussion in Sports

....An estimated 10% of head and spinal cord injuries are due to sports-related activities. As the popularity of sports increases so does the incidence of sports-related injuries....this article will offer health care providers and members of the general public alike the current understanding of concussion. ...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can an App Really Cure Your Headaches?

Go to Techlicious to read more about it and then check these out....

iHeadache - Free Headache & Migraine Diary App

Migraine Notebook

Headache Diary Pro

My Migraine Log Pro

New Kids Study Facts: Teen Births, Binge Drinking Down, Math Scores Up

...Teen health and well being is on the rise, with fewer teens having babies or engaging in binge drinking, preterm birth rates are dropping and deaths from injury are declining. ...