Monday, February 2, 2015

Risks of Strabismus Surgery

What information can we give to the patient about the risks of strabismus surgery

".......60 completed reports of adverse events and complications were received during the study period. .... ∼24,000 strabismus surgeries were carried out ... an overall incidence of 1 in 400 operations [reported complications]. The most commonly reported complication was perforation of the globe, followed by a ...slipped muscle, severe infection, scleritis and lost muscle. Overall, complications were reported in adults and children in equal numbers; ...., scleritis was significantly more common in adults. .... there was an almost certain under reporting of cases. Complications with the potential for a poor outcome are relatively common, ......"

Comments: Strabismus surgery outcome information can  be found here as well.  DM

Sunday, February 1, 2015

An App for Presbyopia

An App for Presbyopia: Glasses Off

Throw those reading glasses away?  Maybe.  See the video here:

From the website: "The vast majority of users who were found suitable for the program and closely follow its protocol will be able to exercise the visual cortex of the brain to achieve comfortable reading without the use of glasses most of the time (e.g. for reading short text, menus, the time, etc.) but may require glasses when reading lengthy and small text or when in a dark environment...."

Here's an article that seems to support vision therapy for presbyopia:

Interesting! Anyone want to try this? DM

Smoking During Pregnancy and Vision Difficulties in Children

Smoking During Pregnancy and Vision Difficulties in Children

"...Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is a major public health concern. Intra-uterine exposure to maternal cigarette smoking is associated with increased risks of growth and neurodevelopmental problems during childhood and later life. Few studies have focused on visual difficulties in children in the context of maternal smoking during pregnancy. .... there were higher rates of strabismus, refractive errors and retinopathy among children of women who smoked during pregnancy. These findings suggest that fetal exposure to cigarette smoke is a significant risk factor for visual problems during later life and that certain visual faculties, such as the intraocular muscles and retinal neurons, are more affected than others. ...."

Comments: Read the full paper (PDF) by clicking on the title above. DM