Sunday, January 11, 2015

Video games as vision therapy

Video games as vision therapy

"....“The video games are designed in such a way that the weak eye views a strong target that reliably attracts attention to it to enable it to see the target,” .......“The strong eye is also presented with a target, but it is not seen by the observer because the weak eye suppresses the vision of the strong eye from consciousness.”.....

Comment: Optometrists have known that amblyopia is a binocular (two eyed) brain problem for a very long time. That is why binocular vision therapy (and not just patching alone)  is so important when it comes to treating this serious vision disorder. This is one more step moving all in the right direction when thinking about, diagnosing and treating amblyopia! Read more here:

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  1. More evidence for what we have been doing for decades.


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