Saturday, January 10, 2015

Binocular vision in amblyopia: structure, suppression and plasticity

Binocular vision in amblyopia: structure, suppression and plasticity

"....The amblyopic visual system was once considered to be structurally monocular. However, it now evident that the capacity for binocular vision is present in many observers with amblyopia. This has led to new techniques for quantifying suppression that have provided insights into the relationship between suppression and the monocular and binocular visual deficits experienced by amblyopes. Furthermore, new treatments are emerging that directly target suppressive interactions within the visual cortex and, on the basis of initial data, appear to improve both binocular and monocular visual function, even in adults with amblyopia. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of recent studies that have investigated the structure, measurement and treatment of binocular vision in observers with strabismic, anisometropic and mixed amblyopia....."

Comments: Amblyopia (aka lazy eye) has always been a binocular vision/brain problem AND can only be treated appropriately using binocular vision therapy. Amblyopia's reduction in vision is the outward sign of the problem. Using principles of neuroplasticity, you can change the brain so that the patient not only sees better, but also has better depth perception (3D vision) which is important to maintain the better visual acuity AND ones quality of life!! Read the full article by clicking on the title above. DM

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