Monday, January 5, 2015

Astigmatism and Early Academic Readiness in Preschool Children

Astigmatism and Early Academic Readiness in Preschool Children

"...The presence of astigmatism detected in a screening setting was associated with a pattern of reduced academic readiness in multiple developmental and educational domains among at-risk preschool-aged children. This study may help to establish the role of early vision screenings, comprehensive vision examinations, and the need for refractive correction to improve academic success in preschool children...."

Comments: All of these children deserved a full, comprehensive eye and vision examination. Even though this research methodology included a vision screening, it has been shown time and again via research that vision screening outcomes ARE NOT (and probably never will be) appropriate. Stop the madness. Yes, vision can have detrimental effects on learning. Yes, full eye examinations will result in positive outcomes. It is time for all (medicine and their cohorts) to stop fighting optometry on this and to join optometry to improve the lives of our children. PS some OMDs are starting to realize this. (See Len Press' blog here: 

Ophthalmology Poised to Discover Vision and Learning!

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