Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk

Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk

".....Researchers have found dozens of new genes that may play a role in causing autism, according to two studies published Wednesday in the medical journal Nature. ....Scientists identified 60 genes with a greater than 90% chance of increasing a child's autism risk. Previous research has yielded only 11 genes that had been confirmed with this level of certainty......"

Comments: No single source has been found to cause autism.....all the current evidence available supports the finding that vaccines do not cause autism. Stay tuned! DM

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  1. Hi Dominick,
    This old myth of vaccines causing autism?
    Clouds the real issue?
    Which is basically that prior to recieving a vaccination.
    That status on one's immune system needs to checked first.
    As a compromised immune system, can allow a virus to cross the blood brain barrier.

    Where firstly checking the status of one's immune system, prior to vaccination?
    Would restore a lot of peoples confidence in vaccines.



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