Monday, November 17, 2014

Office-based Vision Therapy for Improving Reading and Attention in Children With Convergence Insufficiency (CITT-ART)

Office-based Vision Therapy for Improving Reading and Attention
 in Children With Convergence Insufficiency (CITT-ART)

The CITT-ART study is the first of its kind clinical trial to take a look at vision therapy and academic performance. For decades optometrists who provide vision therapy have reported that parents frequently said academic performance improved after a successful vision therapy program was completed. This study will help us take a closer look at this and we need YOUR help!

The CITT-ART study needs subjects who want to participate and perhaps, make history in the process. For more information go to

Clinical Trials Gov

To sign up for to see if you contact

Contact: Mitchell Scheiman, OD   215-780-1427
Contact: Karen Pollack                  215-276-6053

Please refer to this study by its identifier: NCT02207517

Additional  links for information about this study:

Video on Convergence Insufficiency

PowerPoint Presentation about Convergence Insufficiency:

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