Sunday, November 9, 2014

Convergence insufficiency a common eye disorder in children

Convergence insufficiency a common eye disorder in children

"....Younger children who have convergence insufficiency frequently go undiagnosed. This can happen for several reasons. First, the condition typically cannot be found with a standard vision screening or eye exam. Second, young children may not realize that the blurry or double vision they see is not normal, so they don't mention it......eye pain, blurry vision or double vision. When they read, people with convergence insufficiency also may find that the words blur or appear to move on the page. Other symptoms include headaches and eyestrain.....Fortunately, there is effective treatment for convergence insufficiency. Vision therapy that includes exercises to help the eyes focus often can improve the condition. Your son may be able to do some of the exercises at home, while he may need to do others with the help of an eye care professional in an office setting. ...."

Comments: This article almost gets it all right. The treatment of Convergence Insufficiency (CI) typically takes longer than 4 weeks as this article states. The CITT clinical trial showed that at 12 weeks major improves can often be seen. I usually tell my patients with uncomplicated CI that in-office treatment supported by an out of office therapy program usually takes 12-24 weeks (1 therapy visit per week). The clinic trials show that the most efficacious (best) treatment is in office combined with out of office vision therapy (these are NOT exercises, but a doctor determined therapy program). Vision screenings are not adequate to determine if CI is present. Frequently annual eye examinations by most eye doctors are not adequate to determine if CI is present. If you suspect a binocular vision problem is present, I suggest you locate an optometrists who is Board Certified in this area. These docs can be found here.  

Watch for more information about CI, vision therapy and academic performance as the new CITT-ART study starts to produce results. DM

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