Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Strabismus Surgery Should Probably Not be Your First Option for Treatment

Richard Bruenech, PhD
During the 2014 International Congress of Behavioral Optometry, Jan Richard Bruenech PhD (Director of the Biomedical Research Unit and professor in ocular anatomy at Buskerud University College in Norway) noted that:

 " since the proprioceptors in the muscle tendons play a role in feedback to the brain of where the eyes are pointing, we may want to do something OTHER than surgery to treat strabismus, because these fibers are right where [the ophthalmic surgeons] make the cut.   Cutting the proprioceptors may hinder the straightening of the eye because the brain does not know where the eye is."

There are many reasons why the patient should not consider eye surgery as the first option for strabismus

(Please see: The Number of Placebo Controlled, Double Blind, Prospective, and 

Randomized Strabismus Surgery Outcome Clinical Trials: None!  and Strabsmus Surgery Outcomes ).

Current and ongoing oculomotor muscle research like that of Dr. Bruenech  suggests even more reasons for using optometric vision therapy before any surgical intervention.

I noted in the above paper that:

It is the standard of care in medicine in many specialty areas to conduct one or more non-surgical interventions prior to determining the actual need for surgery and all of its associated risks. Why is this not the standard of care when it comes to strabismus surgery?

Anytime anyone recommends strabismus surgery to you as the first option when it comes to treating strabismus, ask them why.

For doctors who can help you arrive at informed and perhaps better decisions when it comes to strabismus surgery and other concerns of functional
vision problems diagnosis and treatment, go to The College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and The Optometric Extension Program Foundation.

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  1. Well stated, parents have gone too long not knowing this.
    - Joseph Pederzolli, O.D., FCOVD


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