Monday, September 29, 2014

Autism diagnoses may drop by a third under new guidelines: study

Autism diagnoses may drop by a third under new guidelines: study 

".....New guidelines for defining autism spectrum disorders may reduce the number of diagnoses by almost one-third, according to new research from Columbia University.
A review of relevant literature and data, published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, raises questions about the future of children who have developmental delays, but no longer meet criteria for an autism diagnosis...."

Comments: I have always had concerns about the high percentage of "autism" within various populations being reported in the scientific and lay media. If any other disorder had this exponential rise in prevalence, the numbers would be questioned again and again. By manipulating the definition of autism, you control the numbers reported, the interest in the disorder, and the political/scientific/fiscal support given. So what is the incidence/prevalence of autism and why should we be aware of what really determines these numbers? DM

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  1. Or ... you could look at it from the opposite side of the coin. Perhaps the increase the exponential rise means we really do have a problem on our hands, and we need a greater sense of urgency in understanding early biomarkers of risk factors, detection methods and implementation, and effective early interventions for improving outcomes.


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