Saturday, September 13, 2014

Age Isn't a Deal Breaker in Amblyopia Treatment

Age Isn't a Deal Breaker in Amblyopia Treatment

".....The concept of occlusion therapy for amblyopia, in which the eye with better visual acuity is patched for some period of time, has been used in ophthalmic care for a very long time. Many practitioners continue to use this approach as the mainstay for treating amblyopia. The vexing problem is that most children with amblyopia tend to resist occlusion of the better eye. While it seems logical to adults that forcing a child to rely on the so-called “lazy eye” will be beneficial, children largely perceive it as punitive. After all, with both eyes open they generally see fine, and it is therefore the adult who has the problem more than the child. From a child’s standpoint, compliance with amblyopia therapy is entirely on good faith that this will be beneficial at some point in the short- or long-term future....."
Comment: Read this. Important information and commentary. Amblyopia can be treated at any age!  DM

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