Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Treatment of Amblyopia in Adults

The Treatment of Amblyopia in Adults

I was recently quoted in the Dr. Patch blog. 

....Can amblyopia still be treated in adults? It’s a question thousands would like answered and you can find countless articles all taking different stands and confusing us more and more on the matter.
The question remains: can adults suffering from their amblyopic eye benefit from an effective treatment or is this just wishful thinking?
Please note that the Dr. Patch website is dedicated to selling eye patches and other occlusion devices for children and adults. They have a wide variety of occlusive devices available, so most will be able to find something that works for their child/patient.
In addition they do a pretty good job at providing information about amblyopia, strabismus and other similar problems. I would like to see more information about vision therapy and how this treatment option emphasizes the binocular vision aspect of treating amblyopia as a binocular vision problem and not just a problem of visual acuity.
Please note I have no financial interest in this blog or the products it sells.
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