Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saccadic Therapy and Reading Fluency

two-kids-reading-togetherRecently published on the COVD Blog:

We’ve heard it time and again from ophthalmology, pediatricians and even some educators. “Vision has nothing to do with reading.” Those of us who diagnose and treat binocular vision problems know this to be false at several levels.
Clinically, almost on a daily basis, we see that when our patients improve their binocular vision skills, they concurrently improve academically (especially in the areas of reading). Scientifically, we read peer reviewed article after peer reviewed article that strongly links vision and academic performance. We consistently note research published in the best journals that demonstrates a significant link between oculomotor, accommodative and vergence ability and academic outcomes. Finally our major optometric organizations have come together utilizing a nationally recognized panel of experts that, armed with this research, supports the importance of diagnosing and treating learning related vision problems....... want to read more? Goto

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