Monday, February 3, 2014

Neurofeedback and cognitive attention training for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in schools.

Neurofeedback and cognitive attention training for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in schools

I have written a review of this program, but will now need to update it since this study has come out. One of my initial concerns about reviewing this program was that there was little research to support this technique of modifying attention. This program is available from Philip Brotman, PhD. Play Attention also has an email newsletter to keep you up to date about their product.

The Play Attention website noted that: This reviews the randomized clinically controlled study of Play Attention completed by Tufts School of Medicine in the Boston Public Schools..... Students enrolled were randomly selected to participate in either Play Attention (referred to in study as Neurofeedback or NF); or a computer based cognitive training system (referred to as CT); or no intervention. 
Results:  Parents of children who received Play Attention (NF) training reported significant improvements in attention and executive functioning. Parents of children who received cognitive training (CT) did not report significant improvements compared to those in the control condition.
The parent-reported improvements of participants in the Play Attention (NF) condition on the learning problems subscale might reflect important generalization of skills to the academic setting. It is noteworthy that parents of children in the Play Attention (NF) condition did not seek an increase in their children’s stimulant medication dosage, although these children experienced the same physical growth and increased school demands as their CT and control peers. Stimulant medication dosage in methylphenidate equivalencies significantly increased for children in the CT and control conditions
The full paper is available here. DM

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