Saturday, January 4, 2014

Attention Deficit Attention Disorder in Children: A Screening Test

As an optometrist who specializes in children with a number of vision and learning disorders, I frequently encounter those who have been diagnosed with ADHD or show symptoms of ADHD. Various binocular vision problems are often associated with ADHD-like symptoms. There are a number of evaluations I have available to determine if the behaviors are associated with vision dysfunction, various psychiatric disorders or other anomalies. These assessments include a comprehensive eye examination, visual efficiency evaluation,
Visagraph (computerized assessment of oculomotor ability) and TOVA (Test of Variables Attention). I have found the TOVA to be particularly helpful in differentiating vision problems from problems of attention. Here is a quick screening test to help determine if your child has problems with attention. This test DOES NOT tell you the cause of these behaviors. The doctors and
staff at Lyons Family Eye Care can help you determine the best, most optimal treatment after the appropriate diagnosis is made
. DM

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Vision Therapy Center Opens in Canada:Guelph Vision Therapy Center Inc.

I was just informed by Dr. Patrick Quaid, Optometrist, F.C.O.V.D., Ph.D that the Guelph Vision Therapy Center  is now open to serve all those with binocular vision problems, learning related vision problems and those who have experienced a brain injury. 

The Guelph Vision Therapy Center ( 1030 Gordon St, Gelph, ON N1G 4X5)  is the first of its kind clinic in Canada  to integrate Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech and Language Pathology and Vision Therapy in a collaborative care effort to serve patients with a wide variety of problems that adversely affect their quality of life.

Dr. Quaid is an Associate Clinical Professor, University of Waterloo School of Optometry & Vision Science; Associate Research Professor, University of Toronto Medical School (Concussion Rehab Section); Member (Elect) of Governing Council, Ontario College of Optometrists and Private Optometric Practice, Guelph & Director of the Guelph Vision Therapy Center Inc.