Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vision Therapy at Lyons Family Eye Care

Vision Therapy at Lyons Family Eye Care Facebook Page

Lyons Family Eye Care has offered optometric vision therapy to our patients since we first opened our doors to those seeking outstanding eye and vision care. Vision therapy is unique to the profession of optometry and is specifically designed to improve, enhance or remediate anomalies of vision function and learning related vision problems. We use scientifically based principles of neuroplasticity to improve the abilities of children and adults. This therapy has been show to be effective for a wide range of individuals with binocular vision dysfunction, vision information processing problems, brain injury, vision induced attention deficits and learning related vision anomalies.

I've had the pleasure of working with the fine team at Lyons Family Eye Care for almost two years. Every day I am at LFEC, I see patients who, after a program of vision therapy has been completed, no longer have headaches, double vision, or any other symptoms. Even though we do not teach any school subjects, our patients often show improved academic abilities as well.

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