Thursday, November 7, 2013


 Spent 2 hrs lecturing on 3D Vision Syndrome: Research, Education and in Your Office to optometrists and teachers at the KOA Children's Vision and Learning Conference in Wichita.

Great audience! Great questions!

Thanks for inviting me to lecture.

3D Vision Syndrome and binocular vision dysfunction are epidemic in the USA. We need to diagnose and treat these most prevalent disorders!

My thanks to Drs. Press and Yang and Mr. Scrogan for allowing me to present information from our College of Optometrists in Vision Development 4 hour symposium on simulated 3D a few weeks ago!!

 For a copy of my handouts click here.

I had a chance to say hello to my old friend and colleague OEPers and COVDers Dr. Joe Sullivan and newer friend and colleague Dr. Julie Toon. Good to see you at this meeting!

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