Sunday, October 20, 2013

Twitter Party: Amblyopia and Quality of Life

Twitter Party: Amblyopia and Quality of Life

"....In clinical care, how do you know if you have done a good job?   Clinical practice and research are looking at “patient-reported outcomes” in order to answer that question.  The improvement may or may not be meaningful, from the patient’s perspective.  Was it worth the time and money to achieve that result? Here’s an example.  Your 6 year old patient has amblyopia.  The visual acuity of the amblyopic eye with correction is 20/50 (NOTE: amblyopia is not just about visual acuity, but let’s put that aside for now).  The child enrolls in a vision therapy program and at its conclusion, the visual acuity has improved to 20/25+…… but have you improved that child’s quality of life?  And what about the treatment?  does wearing a patch or having atropine drops instilled have an impact on quality of life?...."

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  1. Yeah, those last few sentences describe me so well. Amblyopia has impaired my functioning so much that it's inexplicable even to me. Problems with learning (I was always tired for "no reason"), withdrawal, depression, etc.. The worst part is that my case of amblyopia was probably caused by ophthalmologists' malpractice.


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