Sunday, October 13, 2013

The effect of reducing hyperopic correction in patients with accommodative esotropia

Park KA, Oh SY.. The Effect of Reducing Hyperopic Correction in Patients With Accommodative EsotropiaJ AAPOS 2013 Aug 01;17(4)363-366, KA Park, SY Oh
...Consecutive patients with accommodative esotropia were prescribed the maximal tolerable amount of spectacle undercorrection, .... One year after an initial undercorrection, the maximal tolerable undercorrection was reevaluated. .... [the]...demonstrated stable eye alignment and binocular function 2 years after undercorrecting a hyperopic refractive error in patients with accommodative esotropia....
Comments: This may mean that we do not have to fully correct those with high hyperopia and accommodative esotropia....however, you have to wonder, that if you under-correct a high hyperope with an esotropia...what discomfort might the patient have because of the need to maintain clear vision at near with a stressed focusing system? How does the patient read if accommodation is excessive? Does tithe patient experience blur, headaches, and/or asthenopia....or do they avoid near tasks all together? DM

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