Saturday, October 12, 2013

Research on Vision Therapy

Research on Vision Therapy
I am tired of various patients, MDs and others telling me their is no research supporting vision therapy. COVD has published this on their website. You can also go to PubMed and Google Scholar to find more research on the topic. Most are just to lazy too look, too lazy to read and too lazy to understand. Their biases get in the way of the research. This is sad. 

I figure if this is available here AND on the CO'VD website perhaps even the laziest of of folks can find this information. DM

COVD has compiled summaries of research and clinical studies on optometric vision therapy.  These summaries provide an overview of the literature on the use of vision therapy for several visual conditions.

Summary 1
Completed in July, 2009, this paper presents over 350 abstracts from 77 journals.

Summary 2
Completed in October, 2010, this paper presents 35 additional abstracts.

Summary 3
Completed in October, 2011, this paper presents 65 additional abstracts.

A Summary of Research and Clinical Studies on Vision and Learning
A listing of some of the research reports and clinical studies on the relationship of vision to reading and learning ability and the effectiveness of vision therapy in the treatment of learning-related vision problems.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (American Optometric Association)
Additional clinical and research support for the efficacy of vision therapy.

Research Update on Visually-Based Reading Disability
This research document provides a synopsis of the scientific results on the study of visually-based reading disabilities.

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