Friday, October 4, 2013

Reading, Dyslexia and Learning Problems

...According to pediatrician and parent advocate for the National Center for Learning DisabilitiesDr. Debra Walhof:
"It is important to remember that normal sight may not necessarily be synonymous with normal vision...That being said, if there is a vision problem, it could be preventing the best tutoring and learning methods from working. Now that certainly doesn't mean every dyslexic child needs vision therapy, however in my opinion, skills such as focusing, tracking and others are essential foundational tools for reading. In general, if your child has trouble with reading or learning to read, getting a vision evaluation to assess these skills from a qualified Developmental Optometrist would be a smart move.”...
Comments: As a developmental optometrist I could not agree more with Debra Walhof MD. Vision dysfunction can be at the core of why "Johnny can't read!" DM 

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