Friday, August 23, 2013

Could Vision Issues Be Contributing to Your Child’s Difficulty With Learning?

...Parents and educators often ask us questions about vision therapy and if it can be helpful for children with LD. While vision problems are not the cause of dyslexia or other learning disabilities, vision issues such as convergence insufficiency can certainly interfere with learning and contribute to difficulties with attention and behavior. And some practitioners report that convergence insufficiency may be more common in individuals with LD and ADHD. 
We turned to a pediatrician, Debbie Walhof, MD, and an optometrist, Leonard Press, OD, to answer questions about vision therapy, convergence insufficiency and what parents should know if they are considering vision therapy for their child.

What is Convergence Insufficiency (CI)? Is it related to dyslexia?Does CI occur more frequently in those with dyslexia than in the general population? What about in individuals who have ADHD and other disorders that impact learning, attention and behavior?

Can CI be treated? Will curing CI help treat features of dyslexia?

I’ve heard people say that vision therapy is a waste of time. Why would they say that, and what should I believe?

If possible symptoms of CI emerge during my child’s pediatric office visit, what should the pediatrician do?

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