Friday, June 7, 2013

What to do to make you eyes feel better!

These are some good ideas from Michael N. Flynn, Executive Director l Vision Intervention Program........

Do you experience headaches or burning, tired eyes when working at your computer, reading, or doing other "near work"? 
You don't have to live in pain. Vision Intervention Program knows how to alleviate these symptoms AND maximize your eyesight! Keep reading to learn more...
Back Off - Place all "near" activities (reading, computer, games, etc.) at, or a little further from, the Harmon Distance. Harmon Distance is the distance from the center of your middle knuckle to the center of you elbow (about 16-18 inches).
Use good posture - Sit upright and practice arching your back when reading, writing, using the computer, etc.  Do not lie down! People who lie down when participating in visual activities are more likely to have visual problems. If you choose to do any visually based activities in bed or on the couch, make sure to prop yourself up.
Light it up! - When reading, make sure the room is, to some extent, lit and not dark. Reading material should be at least three-times brighter than the light in the room.
Take a break - Ideally you should take a five-minute break for every half hour of "near work" you complete. Start by focusing on something in the distance every time you turn a page or start a new level. Get up and walk around after every chapter. Once every ten minutes, it is very important to look at and focus on objects far away.
Move your seat - Researchers found the ideal distances from a seat to a TV screen is 16-19 feet at maximum and ten feet at minimum. If your favorite watch spot is too close or too far to the TV, take a few minutes to rearrange or at least sit somewhere within the ideal distances.
Relax! - Eliminate headache-causing, muscular tension by relaxing and breathing deeply when participating in any sort of "near work."

Comments: I would like to add that if it "hurts to see" see your OD (optometrist) especially one who has been residency trained in the area of binocular vision and vision therapy and/or has received Board Certification in this area (Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Therapy). If you live in the Chicago area, Lyons Family Eye Care has doctors that meet this criteria.

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