Saturday, June 8, 2013

Optometric Vision Therapy is....

A Vision Therapy Success Story at Lyons Family Eye Care
(L to R: Dr. Dominick Maino, a successful VT patient and Mom, Lauren (therapist))
Optometric Vision therapy is –
  • a program of therapy  procedures;
  • performed under doctor supervision;
  • individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient;
  • generally conducted in-office, in once or twice weekly sessions of 30 minutes to an hour;
  • often supplemented with procedures done at home (HVT or home vision therapy);
  • depending on the diagnosis, the therapy procedures are prescribed to:
    • help patients develop,  improve and/or enhance basic visual skills and abilities;
    • improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency;
    • change how an individual processes or interprets visual information.
Those who benefit from vision therapy include:
  • Individuals (children and  adults) with strabismus (an eye that turns in/out/up/down)
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye, one or sometimes both eyes have reduced vision)
  • Anyone who has vision problems that cause them to
    • lose their place, have headaches, or tired eyes when reading or working on the computer. Many times, those who simply avoid close work all together.
    • Individuals who have visual processing or visual skill difficulties which hinder their academic performance or learning.
    • Individuals who have visual problems related to a stroke or brain injury.
Want to find out more about optometric vision therapy? See the fine doctors and professional staff at Lyons Family Eye Care. DM

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