Friday, June 21, 2013

Changes In The Aging Brain Affect Hand-Eye Coordination

Changes In The Aging Brain Affect Hand-Eye Coordination

.......For many older adults, the aging process seems to go hand-in-hand with an annoying increase in clumsiness - difficulties dialing a phone, fumbling with keys in a lock or knocking over the occasional wine glass while reaching for a salt shaker. 

....."Our study shows that in addition to physical and perceptual changes, difficulties in interaction may also be caused by changes in how older adults mentally represent the objects near them." 

.....When tested on a series of simple tasks involving hand movements, young people in this study adopted an attentional reference frame centered on the hand, while older study participants adopted a reference frame centered on the body. 

....."We showed in our paper that older adults do not use an "action centered" reference frame. Instead they use a "body centered" one," ... "As a result, they might be less able to effectively adjust their reaching movements to avoid obstacles - and that's why they might knock over the wine glass after reaching for the salt shaker." ....

Comments: This brings to the forefront the possibility that even though as we age these abilities decrease and our "frame of references" changes, that we can then use optometric vision therapy to enhance those skills for those of us who are :chronologically enhanced". Click the title above for more information. DM

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