Monday, June 17, 2013

20% Of Children Have A Mental Disorder

20% Of Children Have A Mental Disorder

  • ADHD (6.8%)
  • Conduct or Behavioral Problems (3.5%)
  • Anxiety (3.0%)
  • Depression (2.1%)
  • Autism spectrum disorders (1.1%)
  • Tourette syndrome (0.2% among children 6-17 years old)
Comments: I have a bit of a problem with this number. Although, if you are going to trust anyone...the CDC is the one I would normally place my trust. I would need to see how they defined these disorders (for instance Autism has changed its definition...which could, at least in part, explain its increase), and how they "counted them". DM


  1. That is, how will we define 'disorder'. I think we should stop putting children (and adults) in boxes with pathological labels on it. Every organism, and so is man, develops itsself in a mix of acquired stimuli and also inherited predisposition. And like any other organism, man will develop within the habitat (ie society) in which she/he grows up. With all its strengths and weaknesses. Can we afford to qualify 20% of all children as "sick" when they really just less fit in their environment than the average person. Is not it better to opt for a non-pathological approach which allows us to classify (all!) people into types (physiological variations)from which you knows what stimuli you can us the best in their development.
    W.J.J. Muurling BOptom, optometrist, Steenwijk, Netherlands

  2. Dear humans we label things all the time. To name a thing is to have power over it. Labeling helps us do some much more....but there is a downside of course.... DM


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