Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Eye Patch Time Speeds Amblyopia Correction

More Eye Patch Time Speeds Amblyopia Correction

More Eye Patch Time Speeds Amblyopia Correction....but only after trying to patch for 2 hours per day first. .... There are 2 different conclusions: first, if after 2-hour patching for 12 weeks you have stable residual amblyopia, you can increase to 6 hours and get further improvement. In addition, Instead of starting with 2 hours and increasing, you could say if we want to achieve the optimum outcome in the shortest possible time, let's start with a higher dose in the first place....

Comments: If you've ever worked with a family whose child has amblyopia, you know that having the child patch 6 hours a day is almost impossible. I would strongly suggest that you start with 2 hours per day and only after it is clear you have reached an acuity plateau do you extend this to a more aggressive patching schedule. Perhaps it is time to start an active optometric vision therapy program to improve the visual acuity AND binocularity. Amblyopia is a two eyed BRAIN problem, not just reduced acuity in one eye. The research strongly supports this. Isn't it about time for all eye doctors to start treating this as a binocular vision problem? BTW this information was given at the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) 39th Annual Meeting. This is the same group that bans optometry from their meeting. I find it hard to accept much of anything they may say at face value if they are so petty and small minded. (This is only my personal opinion, or course). DM

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