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Marketing Vision Therapy

This is an article I wrote for OM. Click on the title to read the whole article! DM

Once you’ve prepared to offer VT services, how do you spread the word?

 You’ve determined how much space is needed for a room dedicated to vision therapy (VT). You’ve purchased the starter equipment. You have a few patients scheduled to begin therapy. An enthusiastic staff member has been trained as the in-office vision therapist.

Now, how do you market your VT services?

Follow these four steps to increase your number of VT patients and referrals.
1. Obtain credentials.

Consider becoming a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) ( and a member of the Pediatrics/Binocular Vision Section and/or a Diplomate in the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) ( in the VT area.
When you obtain these additional credentials, you are then networked into each organization’s referral system. Also, potential patients seek these organizations for the names of doctors they can trust to provide the best care possible. COVD has a very active public information program to help the public learn about VT services.

In the near future, third-party payers may require proof of expertise and board certification in VT before considering your patient’s request for coverage. The aforementioned advanced credentials assure that you have and continue to maintain the education and training to best serve your patients’ needs.

2. Look within.
Instruct your staff to inform everyone they know that you now offer VT services.....

3. Go outside your practice.

The two primary ways to market your VT practice externally:

1. Contact professional individuals. ....

2. Use the Internet. ....

Also, take advantage of the major social media platforms:

Twitter. ....

Pinterest. ....

Blog. ....
4. Invest in computerized technology.....

Providing help
By following the marketing steps outlined above, you’ll not only increase VT patient flow, you’ll also help many families realize that VT is the answer that they have been seeking. OM

Dr. Maino is a Professor of Pediatrics/Binocular Vision at the Illinois Eye Institute/Illinois College of Optometry, Distinguished Practitioner of the National Academies of Practice, a Leonardo da Vinci Award for Excellence in Medicine recipient and practices at Lyons Family EyeCare. E-mail him at, or send comments to

For more information about the technology noted below, please read the full article on the OM website or in the magazine.  DM

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technology*
• ADR iNet. 
• Amblyopia iNet. 

• Brainware Safari. .

• BVA. 

• Computer Orthoptics. Therapy procedures
• Computerized Perceptual Therapy.

• HTS iNet. 
• Neuro-Vision Rehabilitator

• Perceptual Visual Tracking Program. .

• Play Attention. .
• PTS II iNet.

• PTS Test. 
• ReadAlyzer Eye Movement Recording System. 

• Sanet Vision Integrator. 
• Sub iNet. 

• TOVA (Test of Variables Attention).
• Track & Read. 

• Visagraph. 
• Vision Builder.

• Visual Information Processing Skills (VIPS). 
• Visual Thinking 101. 


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