Friday, April 26, 2013

We're superhuman, we just can't spell

"We're superhuman, we just can't spell." Using the affordances of an online social network to motivate learning through literacy in dyslexic sixth-form students.

.....Facebook motivated learning through literacy and enabled students to view themselves as independent learners. Those that view themselves as successful learners tend to be more successful than those who do not. ....

Barden, Owen. 2012. "If we were cavemen we’d be fine’: Facebook as a catalyst for critical literacy learning by dyslexic sixth-form students.” Literacy 46 (3):123–132.

Comments: I found out about this paper via NeuroNet Learning. The original thesis can be read by clicking the title above. The paper reference is above as well. It's interesting to note that "visual attention" as a problem for those with "dyslexia" was stated in the NeuroNet Learning article.

Developmental optometry has been interested in this aspect of reading dysfunction for some time. Research by Solan and others have strongly suggested importance of the role of visual attention in the reading process. Several of Solan's articles are listed below. (Dr. Harold Solan recently passed away. His outstanding work continues to be as relevant today as ever.)

Visual and Auditory Processing in Reading Disability: A matter of cognitive dissonance. Solan, H. J Optom Vis Dev. 204;35(1):16-21. (full article)

Silent Word Reading Fluency & Temporal Vision ProcessingDifferences Between Good and Poor Reader. Solan H.A., Shelley-Tremblay J., Larson S., Mounts, J. J Behav Optom 2006; 17(6):149-57.  (Full article)
Is there a common linkage among reading comprehension, visual attention, and magnocellular processing? Solan HA, Shelley-Tremblay JF, Hansen PC, Larson S. J Learn Disabil. 2007 May-Jun;40(3):270-8.
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