Sunday, April 28, 2013

Temple Grandin on Autism, Death, Celibacy and Cows

Temple Grandin on Autism, Death, Celibacy and Cows

In your new book, “The Autistic Brain,” you seriously entertain possible links between vaccines and autism in children, links that scientists have vehemently dismissed.
Well, there’s only one vaccine that could possibly be a problem, and that’s the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Now that they’ve changed the vaccine, it has fewer antigens, and that would make it a lot safer. But with the old version of the vaccine, I have not yet come across a study that looked at regressives — when a child had some speech but lost it.....

Comments: I had an opportunity to meet Temple a few years back. She is a most interesting lady! I want to read her new book. She does need to read up on the latest research that clearly supports NO LINK between vaccines and autism. DM

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