Sunday, April 21, 2013

Errors in strabismus surgery

Errors in strabismus surgery

....173 strabismus surgeons ...self-reported having operated on the wrong eye or muscle or performed the wrong procedure at least once. .... The most common factors contributing to errors were confusion between the type of deviation (esotropia/exotropia) and/or the surgical procedure ..., globe torsion ...leading primarily to inadvertent operation on the inferior rectus rather than the intended medial rectus muscle, and inattention and/or distraction ..... Running more than 1 operating room ... and failing to mark eye muscles preoperatively... were associated with an increased likelihood of error.....

Comments: When you add in theapproximat 33% fail rate for strabismus surgery outcomes, should surgery be your first choice for strabismus? Go to,, and for more information. Also type in "strabismus sugery" in the search box above for more information. DM

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