Thursday, March 14, 2013

Create a Vision Therapy Niche

Create a Vision Therapy Niche

Prepare for VT patients while growing your practice’s bottom line.

....Optometrists can’t be all things to all patients. But we would be wise to embrace specialty areas of care within optometry such as [optometric] vision therapy (VT) by choosing to either refer to other optometrists or become one of those optometrists providing VT....Millions of children and adults suffer from binocular vision disorders. It is estimated that one out of four kids have vision problems. Also, about 60% of children with learning difficulties have visual problems, according to the American Optometric Association....

Comments: My friend and colleague, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, wrote a great article on how to start a practice that offers optometric vision therapy in a recent edition of  Optometric Management. Over the past year, I have helped about 6 to 10 former students and other new optometrists so that they could start to offer this unique service to their patients. Awesome! Click on the title to read all about it! DM

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