Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Loyalty Study Affects ODs

"....A new study performed by Oracle found that 81% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience. The same study found that 70% of customers permanently ditch a business or brand due to a poor customer experience, and 92% of that 70% will switch to a competitor based on a poor experience....."

Comments: I recently moved from an office on the far northwest side (Harlem & Lawrence) of Chicago to Lincoln and Belmont in Chicago. More than 50 families from my old office have followed me to my new office. For the most part this is unheard of. Most of us know that in many cases, even if you move your office only a block or two from its original location, you loose patients. 

Why have so many of my patients followed me to this new location so far from my previous office?

Here's what my patients have told me when I asked them:

1.) Warm and caring attitude
2.) Totally engaged with my child
3.) Responsive to my needs
4.) Willing to answer questions
5.) An expert in your field
6.) You are funny (this was what one of my younger patients said!)
7.) It is obvious that you enjoy what you do 
8.) You make it look like examining difficult patients is easy
9.) You listen

I am now at Lyons Family Eye Care. I care for you there on Wednesdays!

Why do your patients continue to come to your office? DM 

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