Monday, January 7, 2013

Optometry and Vision Development

The final issue of OVD!

Optometry and Vision Development OVD 43-4Volume 43, No. 4, 2012


Nawlins Knowledge and Other Bits of Wisdom, Wit and Whimsy
by Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A, Editor


The Developmental Eye Movement (DEM) Test: Normative Data for Italian Population
by Alessio Facchin, MA; Silvio Maffioletti; Tony Carnevali, OD

A Comparison of Three Clinical Tests of Accommodation Amplitude to Hofstetter’s Norms to Guide Diagnosis and Treatment
by Marc B. Taub OD, MS, FAAO, FCOVD; Josephine Shallo-Hoffmann, PhD, FAAO

Neurobiology of developmental dyslexia Part 2: A review of magnetic resonance 191 imaging (MRI) studies of the corpus callosum by SO Wajuihian

Literature Review Current Eye & Vision Science Literature Review
by David A. Goss, OD, PhD, FAAO, FCOVD-A

Book Review Traumatic Brain Injury Review
by Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A

Practice Management Leadership: The key to creating the future
by Toni Bristol, Expansion Consultants, Inc.

COVD 42nd Annual Meeting Papers and Posters

The President’s Speech – A Split Personality

2012 COVD 42nd Annual Meeting Photos


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