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Dyslexia, Reading Problems, Poor Academic Performance

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LFEC not only provides advanced, computerized testing to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, ADD, and other attentional disorders (See blog post about the TOVA) but also offers the latest technology to determine eye movement dysfunctions associated with reading problems (dyslexia), poor academic performance, poor sports performance and brain injury.

The Visagraph assists the doctors and staff of Lyons Family Eye Care in the determination of problems that may cause issues with reading fluency, reading eye movements and the general accuracy of eye movements required for not only reading and other academic activities but also for daily living skills, sports and all activities where you need accurate eye movement skills.  Poor eye movement abilities are often associate with sports related concussion and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) as well. (Comment: I could never understand how a brain injury could be considered mild. It's your BRAIN!!)

As you wear the goggles shown here (infrared sensors are embedded within), you read a grade/age appropriate paragraph. When you complete that task, you then read numbers along a horizontal line and finally you just look from one "X" to another "X" back and forth.

This tells us about reading fluency and the accuracy of eye movements required for different tasks. It's all computerized and all objective.

Several graphs and reports are then generated that indicated areas of good performance as well as those areas that remediation.

Although no test alone can make a diagnosis, the Visagraph test, along with the other assessment techniques used at Lyons Family Eye Care, can ensure improved diagnostic accuracy and suggests the best possible treatment options.

Lyons Family Eye Care is one of the few offices in the city of Chicago that provides both the Visagraph and Test of Variables Attention (TOVA) for our patients with reading problems and attentional-behavioral issues. 

These tests are usually part of a comprehensive eye and vision care assessment battery that ensures the most accurate diagnosis possible so that if a problem is present the best treatment options are chosen.

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Continue to log onto MainosMemos for more information on research supporting the use of both the Visagraph and TOVA. Never hesitate to contact me if you have questions. DM

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