Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IMPORTANT: Opticians don't know how to measure PD for strabismics

IMPORTANT: Opticians don't know how to measure PD for strabismics

 ....Be extra careful when ordering prism glasses as some opticians have no idea what to do with strabismic patients and may calculate their own pupillary distance (PD) measurement that will not be the same as the developmental optometrist's PD. The difference in the PD measurement can have disastrous effects on your prescription. Although [XXXX] Retail says they'll change their training programs for their opticians after my incident, I don't know if they really will. Even if you go to non-[XXX] owned optical stores, make sure the optician doesn't override your doctor's prescription because of the "Standard Operating Procedure" for measuring PD. ....

Read more about how one individual experienced major difficulties because of problems with measuring pupillary distance for those with binocular vision problems by clicking the title above... DM



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  1. No optician can over ride a presribed PD. Opticians in most retail environments are not ready to answer real questions because they have been dumped down to just close the sale on what they carry. PD's are extremely important as well as lens selection, coatings, variable tints and more


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