Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red Flags for Primary Teachers

Red flags for Primary Teachers is a recently published text by Katie Johnson with a forward by my friend and colleague, Dr. Len Press. I had a chance to meet Katie at the recent COVD meeting in Fort Worth, Tx. She is a wonderful lady who wants to get the word out about learning related vision problems and what teachers need to know. This book starts by telling individual "kid stories" and only gets better as it moves thru its 136 pages. I will be writing a more in-depth review for VP Today. Watch for it! DM

The publisher says:

About 10 Million Children Have Difficulties Learning to Read. Learning and Visual-Motor Performances are Linked. In one study, 51% of children who passed an eye chart screening still had vision problems that affected their ability to perform at their full potential in the classroom. Come with Katie Johnson into her world and experience her class tested movement activities that can take the kids with struggles closer to success. Discover the reality of unfinished developmental patterns and how the eyes need to work in order to make sense of print on a page. After 40 years as a teacher, with 15 years of hands-on practice of these methods, Katie paints a portrait of each child s potential in this practical and easy-to-use handbook.

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