Saturday, January 1, 2011

Additional stories about the Nintendo 3D Warning

Nintendo warns children under six not to play console in 3D as it may harm their eyesight

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Nintendo warns children about 3-D games: Read the Story & Watch the Video. "Dr. George T. Frangieh of EyeCare Specialists in Norwood and Jamaica Plain say Nintendo's warning is medically unfounded. "The 3-D games, there's no medical evidence that this will affect the development of the binocular system in kids ... At this stage there is no evidence that this will affect their development" for the better or worse."

 3D Video Games Could Be Harmful To Your Child

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Comments: Instead of scaring parents, Nintendo (and all makers of 3D technology and content) should use this technology as a public health vision screening tool. 

 By telling parents to watch their children and by asking the child the right questions while playing 3D games...parents may uncover binocular vision problems they did not know existed..and then these companies would become "heroes" to the parents...instead of "monsters" who make products that can hurt their child!

  Calling all marketing not scare your potential customers away! Join with organizations such as the American Optometric Association and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and find those consumers who have problems appreciating your products. Then once the problem is diagnosed and treated....these consumers will then be able to enjoy this new technology and the 3D company will be recognized as an organization that really cares about their customers! DM

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