Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Optometrists and Neuro-scientists Express Support for Vision Therapy

This article in the St. Louis Beacon is entiled , "Ophthalmologists express skepticism about vision therapy" but could have just as easily been titled: "Optometrists and Neuro-scientists Express Support for Vision Therapy". I guess negative titles generate more interest.

Overall it is pretty even handed....and it noted that "to most ophthalmologists, the eye is a camera and the brain is a computer. To developmental optometrists and the neurobiologists described here, the eyes and the brain are a system." The eye, brain, and body all have to work together to get the job done. OMDs see the eye as a single structure....developmental optometrists knows that we use our vision as a united system that must function appropriately to be successful.....and we recognize that the brain can be altered to do this using optometric vision therapy (BTW the research in neuroplasticity supports this as well.)

It's interesting to note that no ophthalmologist has training in vision therapy and yet many feel qualified to comment on its effectiveness...sad really. It's like asking your MD to diagnose and fix your automobile. Your MD says one thing about what needs to be done....and your mechanic says something else...who are you going to believe?

If you type in "strabismus surgery outcomes" in the search box to the upper will see that our ophthalmologist colleagues should not throw stones when they live in glass surgical suites! DM

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