Friday, November 12, 2010

What is 3D Vision Syndrome?

What is 3D Vision Syndrome?

The 3D Vision Syndrome (3DVS) is comprised of a group of symptoms that collectively indicate a functional vision disorder while watching 3D content. 3DVS symptoms include but are not limited to asthenopia, headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, diplopia (double vision), dizziness/nausea and vision induced motion sickness after watching a 3D movie, 3D television or after playing a 3D video game.

As 3D content becomes readily available through movies, television, video games and the Internet ... if you are not asking your patients questions about the possibility of 3D Vision Syndrome symptomology, you should. With 2-6% of the population having strabismus or amblyopia and up to 56% of adults having symptoms of a binocular vision dysfunction, millions of individuals will not be able to see in 3D or even worse ... while viewing these technological marvels... become ill.

This is a major opportunity for the 3D Entertainment-Techno-Industrial-Complex to work with optometry. If done wisely, companies such as SONY, Panasonic, Samsung, and even Disney can use this new technology as a public health screening for the presence of binocular vision dysfunction in the general population. The good news is that optometrists' have shown thru National Institutes of Health National Eye Institute clinical trials that the functional vision problems associated with 3D Vision Syndrome can be treated effectively and that this treatment lasts.

I would strongly suggest that these companies (and many others) immediately contact the American Optometric Association, the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, the Optometric Education Program Foundation, The American Academy of Optometry and other similar organizations so that a synergistic relationship can ensure that all consumers of 3D content have an opportunity to enjoy their creations. DM

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