Thursday, October 21, 2010

More About Reading: Improvements Following Vision Therapy

...The Visagraph Eye Movement System (Visagraph) records and analyzes a student’s eye movements while reading. The analysis provides grade level equivalents for various measurements such as fixations and regressions per 100 words and reading speed in words per minute. The Visagraph provides objective information which typically correlates with a student’s subjective symptoms, such as loss of place when reading, skipping lines and poor reading comprehension. The optometric diagnosis is usually “oculomotor dysfunction.” Recent research by Dr. Barry Tannen and student Noah Tannen evaluated the impact of vision therapy on Visagraph measurements and symptoms in patient’s diagnosed with oculomotor dysfunction.....

Comments: Read all about this research by clicking on the title above. Dr. Rochelle Mozlin will tell you all about it! DM

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